U’Luvka Flavored Vodka. 100ml


U’Luvka was born from love. After a trip to Poland in the 1990’s, the makers of U’luvka were struck by the wonderful hospitality of the Polish natives and the way they extended it to all. Guests were greeeted with vodka and love, and so this became the inspiration. Travelling through Poland, they learnt more about the history of vodka and met people who shared their passion. Made in Poland, U’Luvka is carefully crafted and made with the same love the natives showed to their traditions and those who they meet. U’Luvka is a product of true love, tradition and passion.

U’Luvka Flavored Vodka. 100ml

Meet The New Flavors

Apple & coriander, Watermelon & Pepper, Orange & Juniper, & Wild Rose.

All presented in beautiful Gift set with 10cl bottle and 2 Stylish glasses. call 01572 757124

Product Type : Spirits
Country : Poland
Region : Wroclaw
Vintage: NV
Alcohol: 40%
Ingredients: Rye & Grain
Closure: Cork
Bottle :- 10cl

Gifts, Spirits, Vodka

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