Fleurie La Madone, Beajolais, France


Fleurie La Madone, Red Wine, Beajolais, france. The well-known “La Madone” vineyard is planted on sandy, pebbly soil. It lies at a little over 300 metres above sea level and overlooks the village of Fleurie. Georges Duboeuf Often described as the King of Beaujolais,is also is most tireless ambassador. Having pioneered modern winemaking in the region and stoked the fires of the Beaujolais boom with unrivalled vigour, he refuses to rest on his laurels. Duboeuf still tastes hundreds of wines each day, and marshals his enormous range almost single-handed. The company distributes numerous high-quality domaine wines from Beaujolais and beyond, alongside certain super-cuvees made by the master himself.

Fleurie La Madone, Beajolais, France

  • Red Wines
  • France
  • Beaujolais
  • Fleurie
  • Georges Duboeuf
  • 2016/17
  • 13%
  • 100% Gamay
  • Cork

Tasting Notes

This famous Cru lives up to its name with a smooth, elegant and –yes – floral wine of immense charm.


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