Masi Tupungato, Passo Doble


One of the most original winemaking projects of recent years, Masi Tupungato is a fusion of Venetian technique and Argentine terroir. The estate – Vigneti La Arboleda – consists of 140 hectares, of which eighty are currently planted with both Argentine varieties (Malbec and Torrontés) and Venetian grapes (Corvina and Pinot Grigio). Grapes for this wine are grown organically at an altitude of 950-1050 metres in the Tupungato Valley

Masi Tupungato, Passo Doble, Argentina

  • Red Wines
  • Argentina
  • Mendoza
  • Masi Tupungato
  • 2016
  • 13.5%
  • 70% Malbec, 30% Semi-dried Corvina
  • Cork

Tasting Notes

Fragrant and complex on the nose with ripe fruit aromas enhanced by notes of prune and liquorice. Up-front and powerful on the palate with hints of spice and cooked cherries followed by a long appetizing finish.

Corbec 2012 and Passo Doble 2014, both red wines with great depths of flavour, are the result of blends of the Corvina grape from the Veneto and the virile, tannic, Malbec grape from Argentina.

Made with Masi’s speciality Appassimento technique, they are awarded respectively 91/100 and 87/100 points.

Tim Atkin.

Argentinian Red Wines, Red Wines

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