Single Malt Whisky Barrel Kit


Rick Wasmund and Copper Fox Distillery continue to blaze new trails in the American whisky landscape!A Copper Fox exclusive, provides a uniquely creative opportunity for the casual or professional mixologist, the creative aspiring chef, or the true whisky connoisseur. Barrels are intended to be used for multiple fills, with the layers of flavors and complexities evolving with each use. Initially the barrels will age our spirit more like bourbon, with subsequent fills shifting to a more “scotch like” finish. We encourage you to savor the journey and age and season your spirit to your personal taste preference.

Wasmund’S Barrel Kit Single Malt Mature Your Own.

The kits include:

Two-liter charred American White Oak mini-barrel

Two 750ml bottles of one of our brilliant cask strength (124 proof) spirits: Wasmund’s Single Malt Spirit.

Product Type :  Spirit / Single Malt
Country :  Virginia, USA
Region :  Sperryville
Producer :  Cooper Fox Distillery
Brand :  Wasmund’s
Alcoho l:  62% by vol.
Closure :  Screwcap (bottles)
Detailed Instruction Enclosed

Malting Notes :

Light Smoke, 60% Applewood, 40% Cherrywood.

Grain Used : 100% Hand Malted Barley

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