U’Luvka, Miniature Gift Pack U’Luvka Vodka 10cl + Glasses


The U’Luvka story: U’Luvka brand re-conjures the spirit of a legendary vodka created by a famous alchemist at the court of King Sigismund III of Poland in the late 16th century The fashion at court was to drink vodka from glasses without bases. Once filled a glass could not be put down until the entire contents had been drunk… The harmonious balance between male and female…….. Legend has it that the King and Queen commissioned their court alchemist Sendivogius to create a spirit of exceptional balance and purity. Working with Poland’s finest modern alchemists, we have recreated Sendivogius’s “unfathomable spell.” The luxury of the product, Unique U’Luvka Vodka FLP (Friendship, Love, Pleasure)

U’Luvka “The Spirit of Pleasure”,  Miniature Gift Pack U’Luvka Vodka 10cl.

The Enchanting, Vodka Gift Set  has 1 mini bottle 10cl of U’Luvka Vodka, 2 U’Luvka Vodka designer “legless” shot glasses and the U’Luvka cocktail book.

Product Type : Spirits
Country : Poland
Region : Wroclaw
Vintage: NV
Alcohol: 40%
Ingredients: Rye, Wheat & Barley
Closure: Cork
Bottle :- 10cl

Tasting Notes :-

The beauty of the brand, U’luvka Vodka is fresh, ripe grain notes, clean and direct with real body, and a good range of nuances: spice, sherbet, and nuttiness. Initially delicate with a creamy, lightly buttery character,-Deliciously smooth, and an impressive, sweet, savoury, spicy balance with underlying dryness,expanding further with aniseed freshness and spice. Vibrant grain finish retains freshness and keeps delivering flavour and well balanced.

U’Luvka Vodka, Emphasis on our Polish heritage & authenticity under the slogan made and drunk with “Friendship, Love & Pleasure”.

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