Warner Edwards Harrington Dry Gin


An exceptionally smooth gin handcrafted by lifelong friends Tom Warner and Sion Edwards in a barn in Harrington, Northamptonshire, including ingredients from their farms in England and Wales, a truly fabulous creation of which all of Britain can be proud.

Northampton, England




Harrington Dry Gin Bottling Note

Produced on the Falls Farm in Northamptonshire by Warner Edwards, Harrington Dry is a delicious gin.
It’s based on barley spirit which is flavoured with eleven botanicals sourced from farms in Wales and England.
These include juniper, elderflower and coriander.

Tasting Note
Nose: Wonderfully aromatic nose with an incredibly intense Eastern spice note. Notes of royal jelly, lavender and elderberries too,
and perhaps just a hint of kola. After some time in the glass it gives up just the faintest wisp of something vaguely medicinal – almost like sticking plasters.

Palate: A hint of malt kicks this off with an almost Jenever-style, followed quickly by a perfume-like delivery of acacia blossom and sweet,
creamy juniper notes. All very oily and thick. Late palate there is just a dusting of turmeric and sherbet lemon.

Finish: Stem ginger in syrup builds on the finish, providing a beautiful warmth alongside candied lemon peel. Sparkling…
And just a faint suggestion of saffron.


More From Warner Edwards………. For details please call 01572 757124

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